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Falcon 900B Cabin LED Upgrade


LED Lighting Interior Upgrade

PWI has an OEM solution for upgrading the Dassault Falcon 900B fluorescent cabin lighting to LED. These LED lights are PMA approved and use the aircraft wiring already in place for a true plug-and-play, direct replacement installation. PWI lights require no soldering or aircraft modifications. Certifications: PMA - PENDING PN - 6910100-007

King Air 300/B300/350 Series LED Cabin Overhead Upgrades


Replaces all of the PWI fluorescents in the headliner

The PWI King Air 300, B300/350 LED upgrades improve and refresh the appearance of the aircraft cabin. These LED upgrades are a direct fit, form, and function replacement using the same aircraft wiring and connectors as the fluorescent lighting systems. LED kits: 6900336-036       King Air 300, 36 light Warm White 6900336-136       King Air 300, 36 light Cool White 10-Hour Installation Time 6900336-042       King Air 350, 42 light Warm White 6900336-142       King Air 350, 42 light Cool White 14-Hour Installation Time

Citation Cabin LED Kits

Part Numbers 6910100-014 – Citation 560; Supplement #30 6910100-015 – Citation 560; Supplement #30 6910100-016 – Citation 560; Supplement #30 6910100-025 – Citation 560; Supplement #34 6910100-019 – Citation 550  Bravo; Supplement #31 6910100-020 – Citation 550  Bravo; Supplement #31 6910100-009 – Citation II 550 serial numbers: 0001-0505; Supplement #25 6910100-010 – Citation II 550 serial numbers: 0550-0681; Supplement #28 6910100-012 – Citation II 550 serial numbers: 0682 and later; Supplement #29 6910100-021 – CJ1 525 serial numbers: (ALL) 0001-0599; Supplement #27

Pilatus PC-12

Renew Your PC-12 With PWI Cabin LEDs While the PC-12 is an elegant workhorse, replacing those overhead cabin fluorescents with modern LEDs elevates your entire flying experience. Think about it – you see and control the lighting every time you enter the aircraft. You customize it to meet your needs throughout each flight. Upgrade your cabin lighting with PWI LEDs and feel great every time you see that refreshed modern cabin. LED kit includes the plug-and-play LED light strips to replace the fluorescent lights; a new LED-capable dimmer controller, installation instructions and drawings as well as the FAA PMA paperwork. All PWI LED lighting is backed by a 3-year warranty. Part Numbers 6910100-028 – Pilatus PC-12; Supplement #33 PMA – PQ4159CE

King Air 90, 100, 200, B200/250 Cabin Window LED Upgrades


Fluorescent Lighting Replacement

PWI’s King Air LED cabin lighting upgrades for the 90, 100, 200 and the B200/250 series offer the long life and low power draw that are in demand by King Air owners/operators. LEDs fit directly above the cabin windows, replacing the original PWI fluorescent bulbs, and use the same electrical connectors. PWI King Air LED cabin light kits dim using standard cockpit dimming controls. PWI has earned approvals from FAA, EASA, ANAC and AFAC, so you know they can be trusted in your King Air. LED kit part numbers: 6910080-007 for King Air 90 6910080-008 for King Air 100 6910080-009 for King Air 200 6910080-010 for King Air 200 6910080-011 for King Air 200 6900422-009 for King Air B200/250 6900422-010 for King Air B200/250 6900422-011 for King Air B200/250

LED Wingtip Light Assemblies

Part Numbers: PN: 6900430 – 002 (Left Wing) – 350 Only PN: 6900431 – 002 (Right Wing) – 350 Only PN: 6900445 – 001 (Left Wing) – 90, B200/250, 300, and 1900 PN: 6900446 – 002 (Right Wing) – 90, B200/250, 300, and 1900 STC: SA03902NY (Documentation Included)

SunSpot 64-4000 Landing Light

Highest performance in the industry. SunSpot™ 64-4000 Series Landing Lights are designed as an LED drop-in replacement for existing PAR64

AeroLEDs AeroSun CX Landing & Taxi Light

AeroSun™ CX is a PMA Certified LED Landing, Taxi and recognition light designed specifically for installation in the Stene Aviation Quasar Cessna wingtips. It features integrated Pulse or “WigWag” significantly increasing recognition in broad daylight as well as night operations to help avoid midair collisions and bird strikes while drawing half the current. Installation eligible via STC by Stene Aviation for over 100 different models of the Cessna 150, 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 205, 206, and 207.
  • Power consumption: 130 watts per light max
  • Higher color temperature – White
  • Built-in pulse mode
  • Approvals: FAA-PMA/STC

Garmin 430W or 530W Complete Harness

Garmin 430W or 530W Complete Harness Complete professional harness, with all the bells and whistles.  Perfect for those who want

AeroLEDs Pulsar Navigation/Strobe/Position Lights (Certified)

Pulsar Series LED Navigation Lights serve as a three-in-one light—a navigation light for directional red and green positioning, a strobe

AeroLEDs Pulsar NSP Navigation/Strobe/Position Lights (Certified)

Pulsar NSP is part of our Pulsar N Series™ LED Navigation Lights.  Pulsar NSP serves as a three-in-one light—a navigation

AeroLEDs Pulsar NS Navigation/Strobe Lights (Certified)

Pulsar NS is part of our Pulsar N Series™ LED Navigation Lights.  Pulsar NS serves as a two-in-one light—a navigation