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AERO 452 CO Detector | Panel Mount

The AERO 452 (452-101011) is a panel mounted Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector that combines a highly accurate TSO certified CO

AeroLED’s Pulsar NSP (Experimental)

EXPERIMENTAL PULSAR NSP NAVIGATION/STROBE/POSITION LIGHTS 01-1280-C-12 (pair 12v) Pulsar NSP is part of our Pulsar N Series™ LED Navigation Lights. 

Amphenol 031-6728

031-6728 This BNC antenna tray mount connector features a BNC push-on plug on one end and a BNC jack on

C307PS Davtron OAT Probe

C307PS Davtron OAT Probe For use with AV-30C and AV-30E.   C307PS TEMP. PROBE 12FT COAX (ANALOG) 301, 303, 307,

EDM 350

EXPERIMENTAL ONLY The compact Engine Data Management 350 system (3.5″ square) is a very advanced and accurate piston experimental engine-monitoring instrument. You can order the basic model with options, or go with the Full featured model with the P5 connector (additional $200.)

RAMI AV-801 WAAS GPS Antenna

The AV-801 WAAS GPS antenna is designed specifically to meet FAA TSO-C190 specifications. Qualification testing includes meeting the requirements of