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MD23-215 Digital Counter Drum Encoding Altimeter

The MD23-215 Digital Counter Drum Encoding Altimeter features an operating range of up to 55,000 feet. It offers user-selectable vertical speed indication and user-selectable 6 second vertical trend. The digital altimeter is TSO certified and SSEC and Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compatible versions are available. Technical Description
2-inch, 55k, Inches or millibars, LCD


It’s there when you need it A True Backup Solution The BOM will have your back during an instrument malfunction.

Eight Cylinder CHT Bayonet Kit

Eight Cylinder CHT Kit with Bayonet Probes The CT208 is a full color CHT instrument that provides simultaneous, real-time display of all eight cylinders. This kit includes eight ungrounded bayonet thermocouple probes, all connectors and installation hardware. Cylinder head temperature functionality is TSO'd and meets the temperature accuracy requirements of SAE AS8005 for a Class IIa (+/- 1%) instrument. Functional displays include:
  • Real-time eight cylinder temperature display
  • Single cylinder temperature monitoring while retaining graphic indications for all cylinders
  • Graphic trend analysis and viewing of all cylinders simultaneously
  • Programmable shock cooling monitor and indication
The CT208B is TSO'd and STC'd as a primary replacement instrument under all flight conditions (day/night VFR and IFR).


Your New Cockpit Companion Portable ADS-B Receiver The Astro+ combines a state-of-the-art aviation-grade AHRS technology, dual-band ADS-B Receiver, and an

AERO 551-101-002 Panel Mount Digital CO Detector

Original price was: $648.00.Current price is: $549.00.
AERO 551-101-002 Panel Mount Digital CO Detector   The Aero 553-101-001 Digital Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector is a panel mounted

Intelligent Lighting Controller

Intelligent Lighting Controller (ILC) is an electronic control system specifically designed for switching and dimming lighting loads in experimental aircraft.  ILC provides independent switching of four (4) lighting circuits which may be used to control landing lights, taxi lights, strobe lights and navigation lights.   The lighting loads can be any combination of incandescent, LED, or HID.  Additionally, ILC includes three (3) independently controlled dimming circuits which may be used to control incandescent or LED instrument and cockpit/cabin lights.   ILC includes a switching panel and remote power control module. Model:
  • Intelligent Lighting Controller (ILC-4CH) – $385.00

Intelligent Power Stabilizer

Intelligent Power Stabilizer (IPS) is an electronic power converter that provides stable power to critical electrical equipment found in general aviation aircraft.   Electronic equipment such as engine monitors, EFIS and GPS’s can be operational before and during engine starting.  With this important feature, the IPS saves fuel and operating expenses by not having to run the engine during flight plan loading or clearance delivery.  When used with aircraft engine monitors, it ensures the pilot can monitor critical engine operating parameters such as oil pressure during the engine starting process.  The IPS is available in three different models and is suitable for use with equipment such as the Garmin GNS-430/530 series of GPS and the G900X and GU370/375 series avionic system. Models:
  • Intelligent Power Stabilizer, 12 volt, 4 amp (IPS-12V-4A) – $295.00
  • Intelligent Power Stabilizer, 12 volt, 8 amp (IPS-12V-8A) – $365.00
  • Intelligent Power Stabilizer, 24 volt, 5 amp (IPS-24V-5A) – $365.00

Safety-Trim Intelligent Servo Controller

Designed for standard electric trim servos, the Safety-Trim Intelligent Servo Controller (Safety-Trim) is an electronic speed control system for experimental aircraft. Safety-Trim provides the directional switching function as well as the adjustable speed control function needed to drive electric trim motors with a time limited operation of the trim servo motors that reduce the possibility of run-away trim and failure to operate conditions.  Safety-Trim is an important safety feature that is short circuit proof and reverse polarity protected. Models are available in single or dual axis controllers, 2 speed presets for high and low speed trim actuation that allow separately adjustable trim speeds for different flight configurations.  Safety-Trim is also available in a single axis heavy-duty model for DC trim motors and linear actuators rated for operation at 12 volts and up to 10 amp.

Intelligent Flap Controller

Intelligent Flap Controller (IFC) is an electronic controller designed specifically to operate DC motor actuators, particularly the Van’s Aircraft series of Flap Actuators used in RV type experimental aircraft. IFC provides flap positioning presets that are accessed by a quick tap of the flap switch. IFC is very simple to wire and requires NO flap position sensor.  It is fully compatible with Safety-Trim servo controllers. Model:  
  • Intelligent Flap Controller (IFC-10) – $245.00