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Appareo AIRS-400

Appareo AIRS-400 Camera System Complete Call to Order.    855-500-3044 In Stock!  5 Year Warranty! These units will come directly

Vision 1000 Appareo

Appareo has a brand new unit out called the AIRS-400 and it’s the only unit that is really available.  The

TRIG Custom Harness

Single Stack Avionic Harness for TRIG Products Receive a professionally made harness for your TRIG TMA44, or TMA45, or TY96A,

AV-30C and AV-30E Pro Harness

AV-30C or AV-30E Pro Harness Note: Come buy your AV-30C system from us for a bundle and save option.  E-Mail

CiES Fuel Sender


CiES Fuel Sender

For 2 fuel tanks, add quantity 2 to the cart.  Count your number of fuel senders, sometimes there are 2 senders per tank.
  1. Fuel Usable?
  2. What it connects to? (Which engine analyzer)
  3. Total Fuel?
  4. What kind of airplane?
  5.  How many fuel tanks?
  6. What kind of fuel tank is it? (Rubber, metal, wet)

SunSpot 36-4000

Highest performance in the industry. SunSpot™ 36-4000 Series Landing Lights are designed as an LED drop-in replacement for existing legacy


A Flight Bag or Travel Bag that can handle all your gear. Adaptable by adding or removing center sections as needed. Eight different bags can be built with the included modules. Eight bags for the price of one.

AHRS G-micro

The AHRS-G micro is a standalone, embedded attitude and heading reference system. With its small form factor and low power consumption, the AHRS-G micro is perfect for portable or panel-mounted devices such as navigation displays that integrate flight instrumentation (i.e attitude indicators, multi-function displays). This inertial measurement unit is also being used in non-aviation related fields to provide leveling references and rate of turns for other equipment. Like all our products, every G-micro undergoes a strict calibration process before leaving the manufacturer for reliable operation at different temperature levels and vibration frequencies. In the simplest configuration, the hardware requires only three connections (PWR, TX, GND).The module can also be powered and data accessed through the micro-USB port for easy troubleshooting.

RAMI AV-801 GPS Antenna

The AV-801 WAAS GPS antenna is designed specifically to meet FAA TSO-C190 specifications. Qualification testing includes meeting the requirements of RTCA DO-301 and DO-160G. The AV-801 fit and function matches the ARINC 743A standard found on many general aviation aircraft up to and including business jets.

P4 • Shutter

The P4 • Shutter is a pretty darn amazing camera bag. It's a really good compact size. The included Camera Divider Kit stores, protects, and organized your camera, lenses and accessories. And then you still have all the great pockets to organize all the small stuff. This configuration comes with the Camera Divider Kit. A key feature is the Top Access which lets you grab your camera right off the top without opening the whole bag. And the ability to customize and add on to the bag as you see fit, truly gives you your own perfect camera bag.

Replacement Stratus ESG Install Kit

Parts List Part Number Description Quantity 153540-000027 Install Rack, Stratus ESG 1 153510-000015 Assy, Backplate, Stratus ESG 1 251015-000074 Conn,