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AV-20-S Multi-Function Panel Display | 2.25in Display


Transform your panel without sacrificing simplicity. AV-20-S is FAA APPROVED.

AV-30C (Certified)

AV-30C Certified from uAvionix

AV-30E (Experimental)

$1,595.00 $1,590.00
Upgrade your legacy vacuum-driven instruments to digital precision attitude and directional gyro customizable displays. Primary Attitude Primary Slip Primary Direction

EDM 350

EXPERIMENTAL ONLY The compact Engine Data Management 350 system (3.5″ square) is a very advanced and accurate piston experimental engine-monitoring instrument. You can order the basic model with options, or go with the Full featured model with the P5 connector (additional $200.)


Select Engine Size and Options are Extra


TSO'd for Certified Aircraft and Experimental


Mid-Continent MD302 SAM Part Number: 6420302-7 The MD302 Standby Altitude Module or SAM™ features a unique two-screen display that provides attitude,

MD93 Series Digital Clock | 2.1Amp

MD93 Series Digital Clock | 2.1Amp The MD93 digital clock and USB charger (2.1A) is a highly-accurate digital clock with dual