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MVP-50T Engine Monitor for Turboprops/Jets

MVP-50T Engine Monitor for Turboprops/Jets FAA Approved Primary Replacement The MVP-50T Engine Monitor for Turboprops/Jets allows you to remove old

N4-15 Low Drag Balanced Loop VOR/LOC Antenna | 108–118MHz, Two TNC Output Connectors, 8-hole Mount, White

The N4-15 is a VOR/LOC, low drag, balanced loop antenna designed to be used on high performance aircraft where aerodynamic drag and weight are crucial. This antenna system provides increased range and reduced bearing error. The rugged metal edges provide erosion resistance, and a flush glass fiber housing ensure smooth airflow to reduce drag. Each assembly is foam filled for maximum reliability. The N4-15 is primarily intended for new aircraft installation or as a retrofit when dual-antenna capability is required.

EDM 960 Twin

The EDM-960 is certified as a primary flight instrument.  With the 960 on board, you can remove many of your old engine gauges, and open up valuable space in your panel. Featuring one DAU per engine, only 2 wires run back to the display in the cockpit. (see “fact sheet” on right)  No thermocouple wires in the wings!  Fly with confidence as your EDM960 acts as your full time on-board flight engineer.

Champion CH92036 Turbine Engine Exciter: IGNITION,

OEM PART NUMBER: 3888058-7 Engine Applications: Honeywell Engines 131-9B Boeing 737-600,-700,-800 131-9A Airbus A319, A320, A321, 331-600 340-500, -600

6432000-2 Inverter

Model Number: TI2002 Technical Description
230 VAC, 2000 VA, 50 Hz, Sine wave

6431200-7 Inverter


Model Number: TI1204

Technical Description

115 VAC, 1200 VA, 400 Hz, Sine wave

6432000-1 Inverter

Technical Description
115 VAC, 2000 VA, 60 Hz, Sine wave

6432001-1 Voltage Converter

Deliver 2,000 watts of DC Power to in-flight entertainment systems, interior and exterior lighting and in-seat, cabin and cockpit USB

MD23-3Pack 2-inch Digital Standby Package

The new, digital standby family features the company’s Attitude Indicator, Counter Drum Encoding Altimeter, and Airspeed Indicator. All three instruments are supported by an AML STC covering more than 180 aircraft models. The Digital Attitude Indicator, Counter Drum Encoding Altimeter, and Airspeed Indicator feature smooth, daylight-readable LCD graphics and a simple user interface. They are FAA TSO certified, RTCA DO-160G qualified, and RTCA DO-178C qualified to Design Assurance Level A. Technical Description
Digital instrument suite of 3 essential gauges: Airspeed Indicator, Attitude Indicator, and Counter Drum Encoding Altimeter

Champion 305012-2 Turbine Engine Exciter: IGNITION

OEM PART NUMBER: 3070378-2 Engine Applications: Honeywell Engines TFE731-3A-2B/-200G TFE731-3AR/200G TFE731-3B-100S TFE731-3BR-100S TFE731-3R-1D TFE731-5-1B, -5A-1C, -5R-1H ALF 502R-3, -3A, -5

Appareo AIRS-400

Appareo AIRS-400 Camera System Complete Call to Order.    855-500-3044 In Stock!  5 Year Warranty! These units will come directly

Vision 1000 Appareo

Appareo has a brand new unit out called the AIRS-400 and it’s the only unit that is really available.  The