Wiring Harnesses for aircraft custom made

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AV-30C Package

AV-30C IFR Certified Package as shown 2x AV-30C (Primary Attitude, Primary Direction) 2x 2AMP Klixon Circuit Breakers 1x OAT Probe

Audio Panel Harness

Audio Panel Harness Professional audio panel harness for 2 seats, 4 seats, or 6 seats.   Generally a customer will choose

Garmin 430W or 530W Complete Harness

Garmin 430W or 530W Complete Harness Complete professional harness, with all the bells and whistles.  Perfect for those who want

Custom GPS Harness

Custom GPS Harness All harnesses are made to order to customer specification.    This harness depicted is for a Garmin

TRIG Custom Harness

Single Stack Avionic Harness for TRIG Products Receive a professionally made harness for your TRIG TMA44, or TMA45, or TY96A,

AV-30C and AV-30E Pro Harness

AV-30C or AV-30E Pro Harness Note: Come buy your AV-30C system from us for a bundle and save option.  E-Mail

Stratus XPDR Wiring Harness

PLEASE NOTE: The Universal Stratus XPDR Harness is ready for the Trans-Cal RS232 encoders ONLY. Any other type of encoders

AV-30C Updating Harness

AV-30C Updating Harness / Updater Always available in stock. Highest Quality possible updating Harness.  Plugs in between the AV-30C connection

C307PS Davtron OAT Probe

C307PS Davtron OAT Probe For use with AV-30C and AV-30E.   C307PS TEMP. PROBE 12FT COAX (ANALOG) 301, 303, 307,

SmartStart Wiring Harness

Aircraft grade wiring harness for SmartStart. The wiring harness is 8 ft. long and color-coded for easy installation.

Safety-Trim Single Axis Booster Wiring Harness

Aircraft grade wiring harness for all Safety Trim Booster models.   The wiring harness is 8ft long, color-coded, and utilizes mil-spec wire and connector terminations.