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Pioneer Classic

Crafted from walnut with a durable polyurethane finish. On the fully serviceable switchplate, you'll find three push button switches and a four way hat switch. On the forward face is a sleek, domed push to talk button positioned right where you want it. Comfort, convenience and style in the palm of your hand. Each grip is delivered prewired with a 2' pig tail and a termination guide. Price is per grip. *Wood is a diverse medium and the end finish may vary in grain structure or color.

Pioneer Custom Grip

Set yourself apart with our custom grips! Choose your very own switch plate layouts and add personalized engraving. Choose your wood and finish. We're here to help if you need specific suggestions or just have questions that need to be answered. Each grip is delivered prewired with a 2' pigtail and a termination guide. Please specify if your installation requires additional length. Price is per grip. Purchase and customize later with additional added options

Pioneer Lite

The Pioneer Lite was designed with affordability in mind. 3D manufactured from a durable carbon fiber-infused nylon, it will hold up to the toughest conditions.

Pioneer Junior

Based on our Pioneer Classic design, this grip has everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Add an optional urethane finish and PTT button or choose to do it yourself. Perfect for light sport aircraft or to accompany a Pioneer Classic in the copilot’s seat. The Junior has the same physical dimensions in the grip area as a Classic but with a smaller upper area where the switches would normally be located. See photos for a size comparison between the Classic and a Junior. Price is per grip. *Grip in the photo is shown with the optional urethane finish and PTT switch. Juniors are delivered roughly sanded, unfinished, and without a PTT switch unless options are selected. Wood is a diverse medium and the end finish may vary in grain structure or color.

Main Handle

This handle clips onto all FLEX Center Sections and is also designed to fit securely onto the J-Hook of most rolling suitcases.