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CGR-30 Combo Package

CGR-30 Combo Package (Single Engine) FAA Approved Primary Replacement FAA TSO’d, STC’d, TCCA Validated, EASA Validated Remove your old primary engine

CGR-30P Basic Package, UPGRADE

CGR-30P Basic Package, UPGRADE This is the Upgrade Package which uses existing probes, cables and flow transducers when you trade

CGR-30P Premium Package

CGR-30P Premium Package (Single Display) FAA Approved Primary Replacement Primary Replacement STC’d, TSO’d & PMA’d Remove your old engine instruments,

FP-5L Digital Fuel Computer

FP-5L Fuel Computer   FAA Approved Instrument STC’d and PMA’d Upgrade your aircraft panel with the most comprehensive fuel computer

MVP-50P Certified Package 6-Cyl

MVP-50P Certified Package 6-Cyl If you would like to review the full product page and then click to buy. MVP-50P

Twin CGR-30P Combo Package

Certified, Dual Voltage 14v or 28v

Twin Engine MVP-50P Certified Package 4-Cyl

Twin Engine MVP-50P Certified Package 4-Cyl You can call to order 855-500-3044 or for an inquiry. You can order


USB-6A from Electronics International

VA-1A Volts/Amps

VA-1A Volts/Amps   FAA Approved Instrument FAA STC’d as a Primary Replacement. Upgrade your aircraft panel with the most precise