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TRIG TMA45 Superior Audio Panel

Certified TRIG TMA45 Superior Audio Panel Stereo + Bluetooth Complete System.  Slide in replace a GMA340.  Certified aircraft, dual voltage. 

TRIG TMA44 Audio Panel

TMA44 Audio Panel, mono (complete system) 01801-00-01

Portable Communication Controller

Portable Communication Controller Multiple Radio Communication and Control plus Intercom. Fail safe feature allows pilot to always hear aircraft radios

PM1000 II Used

PS Engineering Panel Mount Intercom – USED PN: 11920 TSO Includes wiring bundle and connections to the back.  Removed for

Softcom Intercom 2 place

Softcom Intercom 2 place Knobs turn loosely, probably removed for upgrade.  No guarantee of quality, but it may work in