Fuel Flow Transducers and Fuel Sensors

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MVP-50T Engine Monitor for Turboprops/Jets

MVP-50T Engine Monitor for Turboprops/Jets FAA Approved Primary Replacement The MVP-50T Engine Monitor for Turboprops/Jets allows you to remove old

EDM-930 Primary

Our flagship EDM930 has been redesigned to fit more ways in your panel! It can be mounted directly into a standard 3.1″ hole or flush mounted. Our Primary system allows you to remove your old steam gauge engine instruments and move up to the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring instrument on the market. The EDM930 also features a long list of user options. EDM-930 as your personal flight engineer. Always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. Your EDM-930 will be monitoring your engine conditions four times per second and will warn you instantly if any measurement exceeds the programmed limit.

EDM-900 Primary

Choose below based on number of cylinders, and number of fuel tanks.

CGR-30 Combo Package

CGR-30 Combo Package (Single Engine) FAA Approved Primary Replacement FAA TSO’d, STC’d, TCCA Validated, EASA Validated Remove your old primary engine

CGR-30P Basic Package, UPGRADE

CGR-30P Basic Package, UPGRADE Worksheet here: https://iflyei.com/downloads-electronics-international-instruments/ This is the Upgrade Package which uses existing probes, cables and flow transducers

CiES Fuel Sender


CiES Fuel Sender

For 2 fuel tanks, add quantity 2 to the cart.  Count your number of fuel senders, sometimes there are 2 senders per tank.
  1. Fuel Usable?
  2. What it connects to? (Which engine analyzer)
  3. Total Fuel?
  4. What kind of airplane?
  5.  How many fuel tanks?
  6. What kind of fuel tank is it? (Rubber, metal, wet)

P-300M Magnetic Float Sensor

P-300M Magnetic Float Sensor Accurate and Reliable Sensor FAA TSO’d to replace a resistive sensor. Works off of magnetics, not

P-300C: Capacitive Fuel Level Probe

P-300C: Capacitive Fuel Level Probe P-300C Assembled from a 3/4” aluminum pipe with an aluminum center electrode and a 3/4”

FT-180 Fuel Flow Transducer

FT-180 Fuel Flow Transducer FAA Approved Instrument FAA TSO’d and STC’d with EI Instruments Up to 350 HP engines, engine-driven

Fuel Flow Transducer 201B

The Fuel Flow Transducer measures flows of hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, and #2 diesel fuel and other light transmitting, non-corrosive liquids of similar viscosity.  Typical fuel flow applications include aircraft fuel monitoring systems; gasoline, diesel, and gas turbine engine test stands; and industrial furnaces. The transducers give repeatable signals on gasoline across a 100 to 1 flow range down to 0.3 GPH.  The higher viscosity of diesel fuel reduces signal repeatability at flow rates below 2 GPH.  Pressure drops are very low compared to other turbine flow transducers.  The transducer bearing system is rated for continuous operation at the upper end of the flow range. The transducers produce a current pulse signal from an opto-electronic pickup with a preamplifier.

FT-90 Fuel Flow Transducer

FT-90 Fuel Flow Transducer FAA Approved Instrument FAA TSO’d and STC’d with EI Instruments For 350 to 550 HP engines,