Panel Dock Accessories

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695/696 Panel Dock Cover

Locking cover for the Garmin 695/696 Panel Dock™.

Large Panel Dock Horizontal Angle Adapter

You can now tilt your large Panel Dock in landscape. This makes the iPad mini or GPS more readable when

6.25 x 8 inch Angle Adapter

Angle Adapter for the 695/696/795/796/ACE/iFly/iPadMini Panel Dock.

196/296/396/496/510/560/660/iPhone Vertical Tilt Adapter

Vertical Tilt Adapter for the 196/296/396/496/510/560/660/iPhone Panel Dock™.

196/296/396/496/510/560/660/iPhone Horizontal Angle Adapter

Horizontal angle adapter for the Garmin 196/296/396/496/510/560/660/iPhone Panel Dock®

Short USB Extension Cable

12" long extension for use with the XM Antenna Dock.