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N4-15 Low Drag Balanced Loop VOR/LOC Antenna | 108–118MHz, Two TNC Output Connectors, 8-hole Mount, White

The N4-15 is a VOR/LOC, low drag, balanced loop antenna designed to be used on high performance aircraft where aerodynamic drag and weight are crucial. This antenna system provides increased range and reduced bearing error. The rugged metal edges provide erosion resistance, and a flush glass fiber housing ensure smooth airflow to reduce drag. Each assembly is foam filled for maximum reliability. The N4-15 is primarily intended for new aircraft installation or as a retrofit when dual-antenna capability is required.


The N4-4 navigation antenna system has been designed to minimize bearing errors when receiving VOR and ILS signals. It provides increased gain at the horizon, particularly during banks, over fuselage mounted “deer horn” or “vee” antennas. It can discriminate against vertically polarized signals, and when properly installed on helicopters, it rejects rotor modulation which results in better signal to noise ratios with less errors. Constructed from magnesium tubing, this antenna is lightweight and rugged, and ideal for use on light planes and helicopters.

DM N27 Marker Beacon Antenna | 74.75–75.25MHz, BNC

The N27 series marker beacon antennas are rugged, lightweight antennas for the reception of 75 MHz marker beacon signals. These low-drag antennas are designed for simple external mounting and require no cutting of airframe structural members. The largest hole required in the skin is for the connector. Moisture proofing is assured by the dielectric foam filled, white polyester-fiberglass radomes. These skydrol resistant housings are fitted with metal leading edges for erosion protection. The DM N27 antennas are designed to meet the performance specifications of antennas AT-134 and AT-536.

DM PN3-3/A BroadBeamed Horn Type Antenna | TNC connector, 4200–4400 MHz, TSO

The PN3-3/A is a dielectric foam filled, lightweight, flush, broad-beamed horn type radar antenna. By controlling side lobes and reducing surface currents, the antennas provide very high isolation, which exceeds 85 dB at a center-to-center separation of only 20”, when used in pairs.

DM N4-33-3 Low Drag Balanced Loop VOR/LOC Antenna | 108–118MHz, Single Radiating Element

The N4-33 VOR/LOC antenna is designed for high performing aircraft where aerodynamic drag and weight must be held at a minimum. These systems provide increased range and reduced bearing error — not possible with dipole type installations. Rugged metal edges provide erosion resistance and the flush glass housing ensures smooth airflow for reduced drag. Each assembly is foam-filled for maximum reliability. The N4-33 is intended primarily for retrofit installations or antenna modifications on existing aircraft and designed for ease of installation.

CI-2728410 VHF/WAAS GPS/XM ComDat Antenna | Garmin G1000 Receivers

The CI-2728410 VHF/WAAS GPS/XM triple function ComDat antenna with included lightening protection is a weather antenna for WAAS capable twin- and single-engine, and jet aircraft. Patented technology to provide 80 dB of harmonic suppression allowing VHF and GPS functionality in radome without filters. This antenna enables primary navigation using GPS WAAS including terminal navigation and approach to landing. The XM Weather antenna is designed for low-gain systems such as the Garmin GDL-69/69A or Heads Up systems with shorter coaxial runs.
  • Specifically designed to meet the GPS WAAS Gamma 3 requirements for Garmin “W” systems

110-328-01 Blade Antenna

Tri-band, Dual Input, 121.5, 243 & 406 MHz   Specifications Frequency 121.5, 243 & 406 MHz VSWR 2.0:1 – 121.5/243

CI 24-37-01 VOR GS SYSTEM ANTENNA/BNC Female Connector, 118-108 MHz and 329-336 MHz, 50 Watts, Includes 2 Blades and 1 Phasing Coupler

The CI 24-37-01 navigation antenna system is designed to provide optimum VOR/LOC/GS performance and is qualified for use on larger twin engine, jet, and helicopter aircraft. The complete set includes a pair of two blade antennas, each with single BNC connector outputs, two coax interchange cables, and a single output signal combiner providing for a single RF cable run to the avionics installation to the NAV receivers. This heavy-duty set is ideal for Beechcraft King Air aircraft and other similar aircraft.

N4-17 Series Glide Slope Antenna | VOR/LOC/GS, Balanced Loop, Blade

The N4-17 VOR/LOC/GS antenna is designed for general aviation, commercial, and military aircraft that operate up to Mach 1.0. DM N4-17 is designed to provide a low-cost, lightweight, and low-drag antenna for state-of-the-art avionics. This antenna’s performance parameters exceed environmental specifications of MIL-5400 Class 3 equipment; therefore, it can be installed on single engine to jet engine aircraft. The balanced loop design of the DM N4-17/N assures an omnidirectional radiation pattern at the horizon to obtain maximum signal for VOR and area navigation which provides more receiving distance and reliable system performance.

RAV30512 Broadband Airborne Communications Antenna | 30 – 512 MHz, Gloss White

The RAV30512 is a broadband, airborne communications antenna that is designed for airspeeds less than Mach 1. The antenna housing is constructed from a fiberglass epoxy that is designed to withstand exposure to sand and dust particles in desert areas. Extreme temperature changes, humidity, shock and vibration are reduced due to its foam filled core.

DM C60-1 VHF Blade Antenna | 118–137 MHz, BNC Male Connector

The C60 series is a vertically polarized VHF communications antenna designed to by mounted either top or bottom of an aircraft. The electrical elements are completely sealed by foamed-in-resin with an outer fiberglass housing resulting in rugged construction that can be used in commercial and general aviation aircraft.

DM N48 VOR/LOC Balanced Loop Antenna | 108MHz–118MHz

The DM N48 LOC/VOR balanced loop antenna ensures a omni-directional radiation pattern at the horizon. This provides for maximum signal for standard VHF omnidirectional radio range localizer and navigation systems installed in lightweight aircraft, medium twin engine aircraft, and helicopters operating up to 250 MPH.