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CI 2580-200 ComDat VHF/GPS WAAS Antenna

The CI2580-200 ComDat VHF/GPS antenna is designed meet specific GPS WAAS Gamma 3 requirements of the Garmin G1000 system.

CI-122 VHF Communications Bent Antenna


VHF Communications Bent Antenna

118 MHz – 137 MHz

Headset Adapter | IC-A16 VHF Aviation Handheld Radios

Headset Adapter | IC-A16 VHF Aviation Handheld Radios   This headset adapter (EDMO# OPC-2401) is for use with the IC-A16 &

Headset Adapter Cable | IC-A25

Headset Adapter Cable | IC-A25 OPC-2379 is a headset adapter cable for Icom’s IC-A25 handheld radio.


The IC-A16 VHF Airband Handheld Transceiver is perfect for both ground crews and beginner pilots. The A16 is equipped with a powerful 1,500

ICOM Headset Adapter Cable

ICOM Headset Adapter Cable   This headset adapter cable works with most aviation headsets. Provides the side tone function.  Compatible with


IC-A220 Radio for Non-Certified Aircraft