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ACK E-04

ACK Avionics has developed our E-04 model. The E-04 is a 406 / 121.5 MHZ emergency locator transmitter for general aviation.

Aera 660 GPS Panel Dock

$150.00 $135.00
For Aera 660 Panel Installations

AV-20-S Multi-Function Panel Display | 2.25in Display


Transform your panel without sacrificing simplicity. AV-20-S is FAA APPROVED.

AV-30C (Certified)

AV-30C Certified from uAvionix

AV-30E (Experimental)

$1,595.00 $1,590.00
Upgrade your legacy vacuum-driven instruments to digital precision attitude and directional gyro customizable displays. Primary Attitude Primary Slip Primary Direction

CI 2580-200 ComDat VHF/GPS WAAS Antenna

The CI2580-200 ComDat VHF/GPS antenna is designed meet specific GPS WAAS Gamma 3 requirements of the Garmin G1000 system.

CI-122 VHF Communications Bent Antenna


VHF Communications Bent Antenna

118 MHz – 137 MHz

Comant CI-121 VHF Comm Rod Antenna

VHF Comm Rod Antenna |   118 –137 MHz

E-04 ELT Battery

$190.00 $180.00
Lithium (LiMnO2) battery replacement for use with ACK model E-04 406 MHz ELT. 5 year rated battery.

E-04R ELT Retrofit Kit

The E-04R Retrofit Kit is a direct replacement for the model E-01 ELT's

EDM 350

EXPERIMENTAL ONLY The compact Engine Data Management 350 system (3.5″ square) is a very advanced and accurate piston experimental engine-monitoring instrument. You can order the basic model with options, or go with the Full featured model with the P5 connector (additional $200.)