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ACE Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Aviation Headset

Crafted with lightweight, durable carbon fiber, our headsets’ cup design enhances sound quality while optimizing noise-canceling characteristics—perfect for achieving a clear, comfortable ride. In addition to reducing ambient sound, our ANR Headsets come equipped with Bluetooth, so you can make phone calls or listen to music whenever you choose. The ACE Headset price includes LEMO to Helicopter Plug Adapter, LEMO to General Aviation Adapter, USb-C to USB Power Cable, Audi Device cable with 3.5mm Connectors, Sheepskin Headpad Cover, Carrying Case, Small White/Red Flashlight and AA batteries for headset and flashlight.

SOLO Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) Aviation Headset

TELY PNR Headsets feature an ear cup push-to-talk button, making it easier than ever to contact ATC—even for instructors, who can conveniently communicate with ATC from the pilot’s seat, with no need to take control of the yoke. Separate volume controls for left and right ear cups, plus a completely reversible design, add to the flexibility of this versatile pilot’s tool.

Rugged Nylon Flight Case

Our Nylon Headset Flight Case comes standard with TELY ACE ANR Headsets, providing the perfect place to store your headset and accessories between trips. This is a nice add on to our SOLO PNR headset model or any headset from other brands.

Leather Ear Seals

Our leather ear seals add comfort and a better ear seal. Made of genuine leather these ear seals are built to last and will fit a multitude of headsets in the market as well as all TELY headsets.

Pilot Flash Light

The TELY Pilot Flash Light utilizes high lumen LED technology. It is switchable between White and Red light and operates on 1 AA battery. This way the same batteries that are used with your headset are interchangeable with the batteries in the flash linght.