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A2 ADAHRS Extend your EKP V functionalities with A2 ADHARS ! A2 ADAHRS provides a Air Data, Attitude and Heading

Cockpit Cradle Kit

This cockpit cradle allows the EKP V to be mounted directly to the panel. The docking station mechanically hosts the EKP V for ease of access in aircraft that does not need external device integration. Provides aircraft power supply and USB antenna.

Cockpit Docking Station

The hub of your integrated avionics system The EKP V Cockpit Docking Station allows the installation of AvMap EKP V


EKP V Multifunctional Display: the next step in the evolution of aeronautical GPS, redefining the role of the GPS inside

EKP V + Docking Station + Ultra EFIS KIT

AvMap Avionics System The panel-mounted solution for light sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft! AvMap Avionics System advanced connectivity The AvMap

EKPV Power cable

Power supply cable for cigarette lighter socket


Monitor your engine in real time EngiBOX is a light (only 250 g) and compact engine monitor displaying the most

External GPS Antenna for EKPV

The external GPS antenna connects to the EKP V power supply cable or the cockpit cradle via USB port.

Joystick Kit

The joystick kit for the EKP V Portable Glass Cockpit System contains joysticks with various textures and a replacement wheel selector.

Knee Strap

Knee strap for use with the knee pad bracket for the EKP V.

Knee-pad for EKP V

The plastic knee pad support accessory is designed for the EKP V Portable Glass Cockpit System. The knee pad allows for hands-free use of the EKP V when panel installation is not available.

Protective Cover

Protective cover for the EKP V Portable Glass Cockpit System.